Friday, 28 December 2012

New Dog Sewing Pattern

I'm ever so excited to be releasing this pattern today it's a brand spanking new dog doll pattern! I decided to release him a little early as I've had a few requests for a dog pattern since I discontinued the old design last week.

My very first Elf Pop pattern was a fleecy dog and as a homage I wanted to release a dog as the first new animal patterns. As a child my father worked a lot with dogs as he did a lot of work in the farm industry and was a huge fan of works of Brian Plummer. I have many a childhood memory of taking our dogs for long walks up the hills and caring for litters of puppies. We currently don't have any dogs in our home however I would love a little west highland terrier called Dougie and Evie is currently obsessed with pugs (she wants a boy called Lulu!).

These little dogs are adorable and you can make this little puppy wuppy as a girly dog too (I've added an felt rosy cheek option). Trust me these will be a hit with the little ones, I could barely keep it on my desk long enough to get some photos taken. Here's the youngest ELF making sure it was play worthy!

You can find the Puppy Dog Sewing Pattern in our

I'd love to see these little guys with funky fabric bodies or in diffrent colours, so remember if you sew one you have to show me, because I LOVE seeing what you all create from my patterns.

Happy Sewing
Raynor x

Sunday, 16 December 2012


Snow. Indian Ink: coloured pens: digital colour

I'm a doodler. I constantly have a scrap of paper around me which I love to scribble on as soon as an idea pops into my head. This picture is part of Illustration Friday, if you have never heard of it then go check it out. It's a super fun way to spark a little creativity in your life, no matter what skill level you have at drawing. It's amazing how one word conjures up completely different images in people minds, and that's the beauty of it.

The girl ELFs also love doing the challenge, as they love drawing and get to use 'mummys special pencils' (watercolour pencils). Not only is it an amazing insight into how their little brains work but also a great way to spend time with the kids even for just 20 minutes.  I'm going to get the girls a little sketch book each so we can and do the weekly challenge together and I'll share what we all come up with.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Jay & Rory Boy Doll Sewing Pattern

Our final Dude pop boy doll sewing pattern has arrived!
Our last boy is Jay and his pet toy Rory , a noisy little lion. I have to admit this is my favourite of all the boy dolls, I just love how his curly hair turned out. Also Rory is so cute this little couple stole my heart as soon as I seen them, how about sewing up one of your own.

Jay and Rory is available from our the Elf Pop Website and Etsy Shop.

So I'm a little sad that the doll and dude pop ranges are now complete. I've had a lot of fun creating the dolls, but I've been desperate to let you guys know about new patterns I'll be releasing soon. I'm working away on a range of animal patterns, yippee. I've actually have been designing them since April and tweaking here and there until I was 100% happy with them. I can't wait to introduce them to you so do check back or I highly recommend joining us on or like us on facebook or twitter for updates on pattern releases.
Happy Sewing
Raynor x

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Creating an elf tradition

Christmas celebration have finally started in the Elf household as we put up our Christmas tree on the 1st December every year. Recently I've been looking for people Christmas traditions and many of you may know about the 'Elf on a shelf' phenomenon which is sweeping over the USA. I stumbled across it though Pinterest and the numerous pins which give parents lots of great ideas of how to have fun with this little guy (or gal). Unfortunately here in the UK it costs £30($50) for the set, and although I love the idea, that was just way to expensive. I contemplated making my own and found great tutorial  here. However I received my 'apple' moment when I noticed the Elf girls had a few mini la la loopsys which were now out of action as their tiny little arms had been broken off, my 4 year old chews EVERYTHING. So I decided to give them an elf makeover -  the dolls not the children!

Jewel Sparkles and Cookie Crumbs before

I used acrylic paints and paper cover wire to replace their arms, however this clothespin doll arm tutorial would work too. In an attempt to have the elves look like the girls I attempted to make teeny tiny glasses for one of them using super glue and very thin craft wire and then sort of pushed them up the side of the dolls hair and stick in place with glue.

I had been discussing for a few days that Santa was sending some elves to the girls to investigate what they wanted for Christmas and to check if they were being naughty or nice. So this morning they woke up to find a letter which stated that they must show Christmas spirit for them to appear.

Once we put up the christmas tree I told the girls to dip a little finger in a pot of glitter and sprinkle it over a box and then to open it up, inside was the two elves.

I asked the girls to name their elf and Lois decided to call hers 'Ruby' as she had ruby slippers like Dorothy and Evie decided to call hers 'Candy' as she likes to lick candy canes!

The girls have been instructed they must not touch the dolls when they see them or they will lose their elf magic, and they believe they report back to Santa every night.



Ruby and Candy are currently tucked away in a little knitted stockings hanging on the tree (you can get the pattern for the stocking here) ready to get up to mischief over the next few days! I can't wait to try out some of the fun ideas I've gathered, and i'll report back with some of their adventures.
Keep tuned.
Raynor x

I just wanted to add that if you like to idea of a lala loopsy doll instead of the official 'elf' doll then you can buy ready made Christmas/winter themed dolls  they are:
Holly sleighbells - looks like an elf
Mittens fluff and stuff- polar bear theme
Swirly figure eight - figure skater
Ivory ice crystals - snow queen
Pete R.Canfly - peter pan themed boy doll, looks elf like.

Or make your own doll using an Elf Pop doll pattern if you would like something a little bigger. I'd love to see what other come up with from this idea so send in photos to our facebook page or leave a comment with a link to your blog/photos so we can see.
Happy Elfing

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Sonny & Hugo Boy Doll Sewing Pattern

The fifth Dude Pop Pattern is here!
Today I'm introducing Sonny and his toy hippo Hugo, aren't they adorable. I've had this pattern ready for a few days now but the weather is getting gloomy here in Scotland, which is makes it a bit of a stickler for taking photos. So dear mother nature all I just need a little ray of sunshine for an hour, thank you.

His hair is a little longer than the other boys with a sort of sweeping fringe for that boyband type look!

Sonny is available from our the Elf Pop Website and Etsy Shop.

I've started working on creating the last Dude Pop Pattern, so keep checking back or like us on facebook or twitter for updates on pattern releases, because i'll be introducing some new pattern (which won't be dolls) in the next coming months.
Happy Sewing
Raynor x

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Double Boy Doll Pattern Release!

The latest two dude pop doll sewing patterns have arrived, yipee! So first off i'm introduing Boyd and his pet toy Todd the Fox.

He loves spending time with his sister doll Saffy.

And next we have Robin and his pet toy Milo monkey, don't you love his little rocket print top?

Robin is the twin brother doll to our Ruby doll pattern. I was humming and ahhing about his name for a few days an d feeling generally uninspired. Then one day I was teaching the girls about robins (the birds) on the way to pick up papa elf from work. Once we arrived, I stopped the car and perched on the hill in front was a cheeky little robin searching for worms, and thus our latest dude pop was named after his stunning red chest.

 You can find the latest Dude Pop patterns available on our website and Etsy shop. 

Things are starting to get geared up here for the Christmas holidays however I'm continuing to work on the Dude pop doll range and will be releasing the last two patterns over the next coming weeks. If you want to keep up to date with when the patterns will be released then friend us on Facebook or twitter for news and future offers!
Have a lovely week all and happy sewing.
Raynor x

Monday, 5 November 2012

Sky & Tad Boy Doll Sewing Pattern

Hello Poppets, Time for a new pattern release. Today i'm introducing the cheek little Sky and his little froggy friend Tad as the latest addition to the Dude Pops.

I took inspiration for his name from Sky Masterton in Guys and Dolls (quite apt for a  boy doll range don't ya think?) and Tad is short for tadpole. Don't they make a great pair. Remember if you are a cottage business you can sell doll finished dolls Elf Pop Patterns, so sew them up and pass around.

This is Sky with his sister doll Rosie, how adorable - well until they start to quarrel! Sky is available from our the Elf Pop Website and Etsy Shop.

I'll be working like a trojan this week to try and have a double pattern release next time, so join me on facebook or twitter for any updates on when patterns are due to be released.

In non sewing news, tonight is bonfire night (or Guy Fawkes night) here in the U.K where we watch lots of fireworks and huge bonfire. Our city has two official displays so I'll be taking the two eldest ELFs to see one tonight and hope not to freeze to death in the bitter Scottish night (yes we've had snow already!!!) then toddle home and cosy up with a nice cup of hot milk or hot chocolate, yum yum.

Have a great week everyone and lots of happy sewing
Raynor x

Monday, 22 October 2012

Hunter & Rex Boy Doll Sewing Pattern

Well as promised today is release day for the latest Elf Pop pattern. I haven't given much away about the pattern as I wanted to keep the range under wraps until today. So, I'm proudly introducing the first pattern from our latest range of boy doll which I'm calling the Dude Pops.
Hunter is the first in the series and he comes with his canine partner in crime, Rex.

My own little boy has taken quite a shine to this doll as not only do they both have red hair but he loves doggies too (actually I think my son thinks he is a dog!!!). I had to keep little Rex under lock and key to stop him being swiped before I took some snaps.

As with the girls this is the latest pattern range and I'll be releasing 6 boys in total. Unlike the Doll Pop range I have not finished all the patterns yet and will be working on them one by one and releasing as they are complete. So if you want to keep an eye out for any updates of when the next Dude Pop doll pattern will be released then why don't you join us on Facebook or add this blog to your friends feed by clicking the link on the right hand side ---->.

If you like Hunter and Rex they are now available from the website and Etsy shop.
Happy sewing poppets
Raynor x

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Violet & Bo Doll Sewing Pattern

Well today is the last day of  the new Doll Pop pattern release week. Last but not least we finally have the lovely Violet and her fluffy little lamb Bo.

My apologies for the lateness releasing this pattern I was at a family BBQ today and forgot to schedule my blog post, better late than never though eh? I had a lot of fun making this little sweetheart ,and as with the other girls she is super quick to sew up and makes such a super cute dolly.

Violet measures 12" tall and Bo measure approx 4" tall.
You can purchase the pattern on the Elf Pop Website or Etsy Shop.

Oh now I'm a little sad that the pattern release week is over, however don't fret as I'm working away on another range to be released in the near future. In the meantime I'll keep you guys updated with any progress and perhaps a sneak peek if your good boys and girls!
Raynor x

Friday, 28 September 2012

Amber & Tilly Doll Sewing Pattern

Happy Friday!
Today is the release of Doll Pop number five - so i'll quickly get to it and introduce the sweet Amber and her mouse toy Tilly.

I love how this doll turned out, I think she is super cute with her little pigtails, and how adorable is little Tilly Mouse.

Amber measures 12" tall and Tilly measures approx 4" tall.
You can purchase the pattern on the Elf Pop Website or Etsy Shop.

Tomorrow I'll be back to show off the last of the Doll Pop to complete the range. Have a lovely day.
Raynor x

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Ruby & Mei Doll Sewing Pattern

Hello Poppets and welcome to day 4 of the Doll Pop pattern release.
Today I would like to introduce Ruby & Mei, two little cutie patooties.

I think this doll is a particular favourite of the middle ELF child as she particularity wanted to name her Ruby after her obsession with all things wizard of oz (ruby slippers) and her friend from nursery school. I made Ruby as a sweet little asian girl however you can customise her with your own favourite fabrics to make her a special doll for your little loved one.

Ruby measures 12" tall and Mei measures approx 4" tall .
You can purchase the pattern on the Elf Pop Website or Etsy Shop.

I hope you like, and i'll be back tommorrow with our fifth Doll Pop pattern.
Raynor x

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Saffron & Belle Doll Sewing Pattern

Happy Wednesday all!

We're midweek already and it's time for another Doll Pop pattern release.
In the limelight today we have Saffron (or Saffy as I like to call her) and her beautiful bunny toy Belle, say hello Saffron.

You may notice by now that the dolls are all brightly coloured and named aptly after their favourite colour.  As with the other girls Saffy is super quick to sew up, and of all the dolls I would say is the best choice for babies and young children as their are no 'dangly' hair parts which are always the first to be pulled and gummed by little ones.

Saffron measures 12" tall and Belle measure approx 5" tall (including ears).
You can purchase the pattern on the Elf Pop Website or Etsy Shop.

Have a lovely day guys and dolls and i'll see you tommorow for doll number four.
Raynor x

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Rosie & Lulu Doll Sewing Pattern

Welcome to day 2 of the Doll Pop pattern release week.

Yesterday I introduced the Olive pattern and today is her sweet friend all pretty in pink and her darling piggy.

Rosie and Lulu are super quick to sew up and look adorable. Our eldest ELF girl is in love with Lulu and aslways asks t play with her, i think its her affinty to the pinkness. I made Rose as a fair skinned blondie, but she would look super sweet customised to look like the little girls in your life who would love to give their own Rosie doll lots of kissys and huggles.

Rosie measure 12" tall and Lulu is approx 4" tall.
You can purchase the pattern on the Elf Pop Website or Etsy Shop.

I hope liked Rosie, I'm excited to show you another new Doll Pop friend tommorrow so check back to see another friend.
Raynor x

Monday, 24 September 2012

Olive & Pea Doll Sewing Pattern

Good Morning all!
I'm rather excited today as it's the first day of the Elf Pop pattern relase week, Yippee! I have been working away on a brand spanking new range of patterns and after much sketching, sewing photographing, designing, and double checking all of the above I have FINALLY finished the range and i'm so excited to show you guys. So without further ado I introduce you to:

Olive is the first doll from my new Doll Pop range, and she comes with her very own little raggy pet, a stinky little cat named Sweetpea (but she likes to be called Pea ). Olive and Pea are super quick to sew up for experienced stitchers and a fun project for beginners looking to advance their skills.

Olive measures 12" tall and  is the perfect little companion for kiddly winks.
You can purchase the Olive and Pea pattern from the Elf Pop website or our Etsy shop.

I will be releasing the second Doll Pop girl tomorrow so keep you eyes peeled for a little friend to join Olive.
ToodlePip xx

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Where I sew

Hey Poppets,
I know i've been slacking with the blog recently, we've had a very busy August with birthdays particulaly our littlest Elf turning the big 1! Our biggest Elf also started school in mid august so it's been a big adjustment for us all since we miss her loads now she is gone for a huge chunk of the day, argh babies grow it far too fast don't you think?

So on to a more sewing related topic, recently I've been inspired by looking at other peoples creative spaces. Today I thought I would give you all a little glimpse of where the magic happens in the Elf household by showing off my sewing area which had a make over this month. When I say sewing area it was non existent before, I was using my machine on our kids table and chair like some sort of oversized Christmas elf (hey elf by name, elf by nature!).
Our house is tiny so it had to be a small desk fit for purpose, when I spotted the laiva from Ikea I knew it would be perfect and at only £10 why not, and off on a road trip to Edinburgh we went.
This the before photo of my newly named 'sewing area'

And here is the after I cleaned it all up and build the desk. It's sort of a little extension to my computer desk so I can get sew and design my patterns in the same place, plus it's right next to the window so I get a lots of air and natural sunlight on nice days. It's nothing fancy like the cutesy sewing areas I see on pinterest and sorts but it's fit for purpose. I really needed to add a photo of it looking so neat as it is more of a bomb site again now I've started using it.

And look baby Elf can no longer reach to stick his fingers in the firing line of needles or grab pins and try to eat them like sweeties (he is not amused).

Ok so bloggy update break is over, I'm off to work on a super cute new range of patterns or the shop. Ohh how mysterious you'll have to keep tuned for updates on the new range.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Gumball Cat

A huge thank you to Tara for sending me on a picture of her finished toy from the Elfpop cat pattern.

Photo Copyright of Fiskars

It's a version of Gumball the cat from The amazing world of Gumball on Cartoon Network - isn't it adorable? |You can check out Taras blog post on making the cat here. Great job Tara, and thank you for sending us the picture.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Let them eat cake

Hello Poppets today I bring you a a teeny tiny piece of cake heaven. I whipped up a batch of these a few weeks ago - one of my favourite all time classic British recipes, the Victoria sponge but miniature. These little guys are more than suitable as a treat for kids as they are the perfect size and obligatory for sewist during periods of rest.

Mini Victoria Sponge

Makes 6 ready in 40 min
100g self raising flour
100g sugar
100g butter
2 eggs
150ml double cream
5 strawberries
3 tblsp strawberry jam
2 tblsp icing sugar

8" Cake tin or 12 silicone moulds
Small cookie cutter/small drinking glass
hand/electric whisk
large bowl

1. Preheat your oven to  180°C, Gas 4, 350°F.
2. Cream together butter and sugar. Add eggs to mixture and whisk into mixture. Fold in the flour and whisk until you get a thick mixture.
3. Line or grease your cake tin or silicon moulds and add the mixture and spread so it coats the bottom evenly.
4. Place in the oven an cook until golden brown on top this should be approx 15-20min.
5. Take the cake out of the oven and place on a rack until cooled completely
6. Meanwhile whip the double cream until thick and holds its shape.
7.  If you used a cake tin use the cookie cutter or a small drinking glass to cut out small circular shapes from the sponge.
8. Take one cake circle and spread with 1/2 tbsp jam. Then add a layer of cream (i piped mine on by you can simply spread on). Slice the strawberries and a a few on top of the cream.
9. Take another cake circle and add it to the top of your filling (making sure its  'top side' up). Add a sprinkle of icing sugar and then top off with a slice of strawberry.
10. Enjoy!

I'm trying very hard to work on a new pattern  but my little one is making it impossible to get anything done at night as he reuses to sleep - oh the joys of parenting. I'm also on the lookout for a little sewing table as the one I'm using is as much use as a chocolate tea pot, so answers on a postcard please.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Cat Tea Party

 Quaint little invites
'Be a special guest'
To my cat tea party
Wear your Sunday best

Sandwiches and cupcakes
So yummy to eat
Teacups and flowers
Such a nice treat

I'll pour the tea
One sugar lump or two
With dainty decorations
In a candy pastel hue

All my special friends
Dancing in the sun
Laughing and smiling
Having lots of fun

Do you have a little one who loves to play tea parties? How about sewing up this cute little kitty so they can have their own cat friend.  This Elf Pop plush cat pattern is suitable for girls and boys and is super quick to sew up for little ones as a play time pal.

 Pattern available now from my etsy shop and website.