Saturday, 1 December 2012

Creating an elf tradition

Christmas celebration have finally started in the Elf household as we put up our Christmas tree on the 1st December every year. Recently I've been looking for people Christmas traditions and many of you may know about the 'Elf on a shelf' phenomenon which is sweeping over the USA. I stumbled across it though Pinterest and the numerous pins which give parents lots of great ideas of how to have fun with this little guy (or gal). Unfortunately here in the UK it costs £30($50) for the set, and although I love the idea, that was just way to expensive. I contemplated making my own and found great tutorial  here. However I received my 'apple' moment when I noticed the Elf girls had a few mini la la loopsys which were now out of action as their tiny little arms had been broken off, my 4 year old chews EVERYTHING. So I decided to give them an elf makeover -  the dolls not the children!

Jewel Sparkles and Cookie Crumbs before

I used acrylic paints and paper cover wire to replace their arms, however this clothespin doll arm tutorial would work too. In an attempt to have the elves look like the girls I attempted to make teeny tiny glasses for one of them using super glue and very thin craft wire and then sort of pushed them up the side of the dolls hair and stick in place with glue.

I had been discussing for a few days that Santa was sending some elves to the girls to investigate what they wanted for Christmas and to check if they were being naughty or nice. So this morning they woke up to find a letter which stated that they must show Christmas spirit for them to appear.

Once we put up the christmas tree I told the girls to dip a little finger in a pot of glitter and sprinkle it over a box and then to open it up, inside was the two elves.

I asked the girls to name their elf and Lois decided to call hers 'Ruby' as she had ruby slippers like Dorothy and Evie decided to call hers 'Candy' as she likes to lick candy canes!

The girls have been instructed they must not touch the dolls when they see them or they will lose their elf magic, and they believe they report back to Santa every night.



Ruby and Candy are currently tucked away in a little knitted stockings hanging on the tree (you can get the pattern for the stocking here) ready to get up to mischief over the next few days! I can't wait to try out some of the fun ideas I've gathered, and i'll report back with some of their adventures.
Keep tuned.
Raynor x

I just wanted to add that if you like to idea of a lala loopsy doll instead of the official 'elf' doll then you can buy ready made Christmas/winter themed dolls  they are:
Holly sleighbells - looks like an elf
Mittens fluff and stuff- polar bear theme
Swirly figure eight - figure skater
Ivory ice crystals - snow queen
Pete R.Canfly - peter pan themed boy doll, looks elf like.

Or make your own doll using an Elf Pop doll pattern if you would like something a little bigger. I'd love to see what other come up with from this idea so send in photos to our facebook page or leave a comment with a link to your blog/photos so we can see.
Happy Elfing