Sunday, 16 December 2012


Snow. Indian Ink: coloured pens: digital colour

I'm a doodler. I constantly have a scrap of paper around me which I love to scribble on as soon as an idea pops into my head. This picture is part of Illustration Friday, if you have never heard of it then go check it out. It's a super fun way to spark a little creativity in your life, no matter what skill level you have at drawing. It's amazing how one word conjures up completely different images in people minds, and that's the beauty of it.

The girl ELFs also love doing the challenge, as they love drawing and get to use 'mummys special pencils' (watercolour pencils). Not only is it an amazing insight into how their little brains work but also a great way to spend time with the kids even for just 20 minutes.  I'm going to get the girls a little sketch book each so we can and do the weekly challenge together and I'll share what we all come up with.

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