Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Sonny & Hugo Boy Doll Sewing Pattern

The fifth Dude Pop Pattern is here!
Today I'm introducing Sonny and his toy hippo Hugo, aren't they adorable. I've had this pattern ready for a few days now but the weather is getting gloomy here in Scotland, which is makes it a bit of a stickler for taking photos. So dear mother nature all I just need a little ray of sunshine for an hour, thank you.

His hair is a little longer than the other boys with a sort of sweeping fringe for that boyband type look!

Sonny is available from our the Elf Pop Website and Etsy Shop.

I've started working on creating the last Dude Pop Pattern, so keep checking back or like us on facebook or twitter for updates on pattern releases, because i'll be introducing some new pattern (which won't be dolls) in the next coming months.
Happy Sewing
Raynor x

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Double Boy Doll Pattern Release!

The latest two dude pop doll sewing patterns have arrived, yipee! So first off i'm introduing Boyd and his pet toy Todd the Fox.

He loves spending time with his sister doll Saffy.

And next we have Robin and his pet toy Milo monkey, don't you love his little rocket print top?

Robin is the twin brother doll to our Ruby doll pattern. I was humming and ahhing about his name for a few days an d feeling generally uninspired. Then one day I was teaching the girls about robins (the birds) on the way to pick up papa elf from work. Once we arrived, I stopped the car and perched on the hill in front was a cheeky little robin searching for worms, and thus our latest dude pop was named after his stunning red chest.

 You can find the latest Dude Pop patterns available on our website and Etsy shop. 

Things are starting to get geared up here for the Christmas holidays however I'm continuing to work on the Dude pop doll range and will be releasing the last two patterns over the next coming weeks. If you want to keep up to date with when the patterns will be released then friend us on Facebook or twitter for news and future offers!
Have a lovely week all and happy sewing.
Raynor x

Monday, 5 November 2012

Sky & Tad Boy Doll Sewing Pattern

Hello Poppets, Time for a new pattern release. Today i'm introducing the cheek little Sky and his little froggy friend Tad as the latest addition to the Dude Pops.

I took inspiration for his name from Sky Masterton in Guys and Dolls (quite apt for a  boy doll range don't ya think?) and Tad is short for tadpole. Don't they make a great pair. Remember if you are a cottage business you can sell doll finished dolls Elf Pop Patterns, so sew them up and pass around.

This is Sky with his sister doll Rosie, how adorable - well until they start to quarrel! Sky is available from our the Elf Pop Website and Etsy Shop.

I'll be working like a trojan this week to try and have a double pattern release next time, so join me on facebook or twitter for any updates on when patterns are due to be released.

In non sewing news, tonight is bonfire night (or Guy Fawkes night) here in the U.K where we watch lots of fireworks and huge bonfire. Our city has two official displays so I'll be taking the two eldest ELFs to see one tonight and hope not to freeze to death in the bitter Scottish night (yes we've had snow already!!!) then toddle home and cosy up with a nice cup of hot milk or hot chocolate, yum yum.

Have a great week everyone and lots of happy sewing
Raynor x