Monday, 22 October 2012

Hunter & Rex Boy Doll Sewing Pattern

Well as promised today is release day for the latest Elf Pop pattern. I haven't given much away about the pattern as I wanted to keep the range under wraps until today. So, I'm proudly introducing the first pattern from our latest range of boy doll which I'm calling the Dude Pops.
Hunter is the first in the series and he comes with his canine partner in crime, Rex.

My own little boy has taken quite a shine to this doll as not only do they both have red hair but he loves doggies too (actually I think my son thinks he is a dog!!!). I had to keep little Rex under lock and key to stop him being swiped before I took some snaps.

As with the girls this is the latest pattern range and I'll be releasing 6 boys in total. Unlike the Doll Pop range I have not finished all the patterns yet and will be working on them one by one and releasing as they are complete. So if you want to keep an eye out for any updates of when the next Dude Pop doll pattern will be released then why don't you join us on Facebook or add this blog to your friends feed by clicking the link on the right hand side ---->.

If you like Hunter and Rex they are now available from the website and Etsy shop.
Happy sewing poppets
Raynor x

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