Saturday, 29 September 2012

Violet & Bo Doll Sewing Pattern

Well today is the last day of  the new Doll Pop pattern release week. Last but not least we finally have the lovely Violet and her fluffy little lamb Bo.

My apologies for the lateness releasing this pattern I was at a family BBQ today and forgot to schedule my blog post, better late than never though eh? I had a lot of fun making this little sweetheart ,and as with the other girls she is super quick to sew up and makes such a super cute dolly.

Violet measures 12" tall and Bo measure approx 4" tall.
You can purchase the pattern on the Elf Pop Website or Etsy Shop.

Oh now I'm a little sad that the pattern release week is over, however don't fret as I'm working away on another range to be released in the near future. In the meantime I'll keep you guys updated with any progress and perhaps a sneak peek if your good boys and girls!
Raynor x

Friday, 28 September 2012

Amber & Tilly Doll Sewing Pattern

Happy Friday!
Today is the release of Doll Pop number five - so i'll quickly get to it and introduce the sweet Amber and her mouse toy Tilly.

I love how this doll turned out, I think she is super cute with her little pigtails, and how adorable is little Tilly Mouse.

Amber measures 12" tall and Tilly measures approx 4" tall.
You can purchase the pattern on the Elf Pop Website or Etsy Shop.

Tomorrow I'll be back to show off the last of the Doll Pop to complete the range. Have a lovely day.
Raynor x

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Ruby & Mei Doll Sewing Pattern

Hello Poppets and welcome to day 4 of the Doll Pop pattern release.
Today I would like to introduce Ruby & Mei, two little cutie patooties.

I think this doll is a particular favourite of the middle ELF child as she particularity wanted to name her Ruby after her obsession with all things wizard of oz (ruby slippers) and her friend from nursery school. I made Ruby as a sweet little asian girl however you can customise her with your own favourite fabrics to make her a special doll for your little loved one.

Ruby measures 12" tall and Mei measures approx 4" tall .
You can purchase the pattern on the Elf Pop Website or Etsy Shop.

I hope you like, and i'll be back tommorrow with our fifth Doll Pop pattern.
Raynor x

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Saffron & Belle Doll Sewing Pattern

Happy Wednesday all!

We're midweek already and it's time for another Doll Pop pattern release.
In the limelight today we have Saffron (or Saffy as I like to call her) and her beautiful bunny toy Belle, say hello Saffron.

You may notice by now that the dolls are all brightly coloured and named aptly after their favourite colour.  As with the other girls Saffy is super quick to sew up, and of all the dolls I would say is the best choice for babies and young children as their are no 'dangly' hair parts which are always the first to be pulled and gummed by little ones.

Saffron measures 12" tall and Belle measure approx 5" tall (including ears).
You can purchase the pattern on the Elf Pop Website or Etsy Shop.

Have a lovely day guys and dolls and i'll see you tommorow for doll number four.
Raynor x

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Rosie & Lulu Doll Sewing Pattern

Welcome to day 2 of the Doll Pop pattern release week.

Yesterday I introduced the Olive pattern and today is her sweet friend all pretty in pink and her darling piggy.

Rosie and Lulu are super quick to sew up and look adorable. Our eldest ELF girl is in love with Lulu and aslways asks t play with her, i think its her affinty to the pinkness. I made Rose as a fair skinned blondie, but she would look super sweet customised to look like the little girls in your life who would love to give their own Rosie doll lots of kissys and huggles.

Rosie measure 12" tall and Lulu is approx 4" tall.
You can purchase the pattern on the Elf Pop Website or Etsy Shop.

I hope liked Rosie, I'm excited to show you another new Doll Pop friend tommorrow so check back to see another friend.
Raynor x

Monday, 24 September 2012

Olive & Pea Doll Sewing Pattern

Good Morning all!
I'm rather excited today as it's the first day of the Elf Pop pattern relase week, Yippee! I have been working away on a brand spanking new range of patterns and after much sketching, sewing photographing, designing, and double checking all of the above I have FINALLY finished the range and i'm so excited to show you guys. So without further ado I introduce you to:

Olive is the first doll from my new Doll Pop range, and she comes with her very own little raggy pet, a stinky little cat named Sweetpea (but she likes to be called Pea ). Olive and Pea are super quick to sew up for experienced stitchers and a fun project for beginners looking to advance their skills.

Olive measures 12" tall and  is the perfect little companion for kiddly winks.
You can purchase the Olive and Pea pattern from the Elf Pop website or our Etsy shop.

I will be releasing the second Doll Pop girl tomorrow so keep you eyes peeled for a little friend to join Olive.
ToodlePip xx

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Where I sew

Hey Poppets,
I know i've been slacking with the blog recently, we've had a very busy August with birthdays particulaly our littlest Elf turning the big 1! Our biggest Elf also started school in mid august so it's been a big adjustment for us all since we miss her loads now she is gone for a huge chunk of the day, argh babies grow it far too fast don't you think?

So on to a more sewing related topic, recently I've been inspired by looking at other peoples creative spaces. Today I thought I would give you all a little glimpse of where the magic happens in the Elf household by showing off my sewing area which had a make over this month. When I say sewing area it was non existent before, I was using my machine on our kids table and chair like some sort of oversized Christmas elf (hey elf by name, elf by nature!).
Our house is tiny so it had to be a small desk fit for purpose, when I spotted the laiva from Ikea I knew it would be perfect and at only £10 why not, and off on a road trip to Edinburgh we went.
This the before photo of my newly named 'sewing area'

And here is the after I cleaned it all up and build the desk. It's sort of a little extension to my computer desk so I can get sew and design my patterns in the same place, plus it's right next to the window so I get a lots of air and natural sunlight on nice days. It's nothing fancy like the cutesy sewing areas I see on pinterest and sorts but it's fit for purpose. I really needed to add a photo of it looking so neat as it is more of a bomb site again now I've started using it.

And look baby Elf can no longer reach to stick his fingers in the firing line of needles or grab pins and try to eat them like sweeties (he is not amused).

Ok so bloggy update break is over, I'm off to work on a super cute new range of patterns or the shop. Ohh how mysterious you'll have to keep tuned for updates on the new range.