Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Sonny & Hugo Boy Doll Sewing Pattern

The fifth Dude Pop Pattern is here!
Today I'm introducing Sonny and his toy hippo Hugo, aren't they adorable. I've had this pattern ready for a few days now but the weather is getting gloomy here in Scotland, which is makes it a bit of a stickler for taking photos. So dear mother nature all I just need a little ray of sunshine for an hour, thank you.

His hair is a little longer than the other boys with a sort of sweeping fringe for that boyband type look!

Sonny is available from our the Elf Pop Website and Etsy Shop.

I've started working on creating the last Dude Pop Pattern, so keep checking back or like us on facebook or twitter for updates on pattern releases, because i'll be introducing some new pattern (which won't be dolls) in the next coming months.
Happy Sewing
Raynor x

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