Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Pug Dog Sewing Pattern

Our 6 year old Evie is obsessed with pugs and has been for the last two years. Whenever we enter a family discussion about the possibility of getting a dog she is insistent that we get a pug. I don't think we are quite ready to let her have her own dog just yet but I promised her I would make her a little pug softie if she helped me design it. So off she set with her pens and got scribbling and this is how she wanted her pug toy to look.

So I set about refining the drawing and creating it into a pattern to make her dog. After a few drafts we finally had the finished toy and Evie already decided that he was a little boy and called Peanut Butter!


I was a little indecisive about whether I would release this pattern as part of the Elf Pop range as it's a little different to the other patterns I have available and unfortunately the clothing patterns will not fit his tubby little tummy and stumpy legs (although I'll let you know how to adjust the new skirt pattern so it can be used for the pug too). However I thought perhaps it would be nice to introduce a few different designs and also I've had a few customer requests for a pug too.
I've decided that since Evie actually designed the toy, that for every pug pattern that sells she can have the money to save up. She has informed me that she is going to save for a pug puppy. I don't think she quite grasps how expensive they are but I figured that as it would take her at least a few years do so this she will (a) be older and more responsible to actually care for a dog or (b) have lost interest in them altogether yet have a little bit of savings for when she's older.

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If you are making it for a child who is older than three or an adult then I'd recommend using some plastic toy safety eyes as I think it would give a more realistic look to a pug and their little sticky out eyes. I love toy safety eyes because they are perfect if you aren't comfortable with painting or embroidery, however please don't use them if there is a possibility they will be gummed by a small child or chewed by a pet as they can be a choking hazard.

I hope you like this pattern and if you make any of these little tubby pups then remember to show them off, or if anyone has a real life pug and can take a photo of the dog next to a finished pug toy, it would literally make Evie's (and my) year. 

Oh and one last thing, my apologies for the delay with the boy freebie, I got a bit carried away with this pattern and so i'll be working on it over the next few days and will have it available by next week so rememeber to keep an eye out for any news on a release date.

Happy Sewing
Raynor x