Monday, 6 May 2013


Peek-a-boo where are you?
Hello all, my apologies for being a bit missing in action for the last month. Since starting up Elf Pop last June I have tried to build up a good selection of patterns which would be available before this time come. 'This time?' I hear you say like as I write my cryptic gibberish! Well as some of you may know in my non sewing life I'm also a student midwife who is currently on a gap year from my studies. Well actually it's a gap two years as one of those was maternity leave and then an optional year out on top.  At the start of this month I had my recommencement meeting with my course tutor and I'm to return to my course on 17th June only 6 week away - eek!

Although I'm excited to get back into the swing of all things midwifery it means that I now have very little time to create new patterns.The majority of my day is now taken up by my study timetable in an attempt to ease myself back into revising the vast number of lectures which have been stored away in my brain somewhere for the last few years. Although I don't have much time to create new patterns I will always have time for any one who purchases one of my patterns, whether it's to say 'hello', show me some finished toys or assist with any queries you may have so please don't ever feel like you are bothering me by getting in touch because it gives me a chance to focus on something else other than studying!

Even though things have slowed down at bit at Elf Pop HQ I just want to say that I will be releasing more patterns in the future they will just not be as regular as they have in the past. I have a few ideas for new patterns in the sketch stages and will always keep you updated with any news or upcoming releases. Which brings me to the news that I will be releasing a little freebie (or two) in the next week as a thank you for you ongoing support to Elf Pop, so remember and keep an eye of for those.
Have a lovely week everyone and happy sewing.
Raynor x


  1. Not to worry. Creativity comes in fits and spurts -- and your parenting and midwifery are important. We'll look forward to seeing new patterns, but I love the variety you already have. So no rush.

  2. Thanks for your kind words Pasqueflower :)