Thursday, 9 May 2013

FREE PATTERN: Simple Doll Skirt

Yay, the very first Elf Pop Freebie has arrived! I'm going to share the instructions on how to make your very own simple little skirt for your girly dolls. These are super quick to make and can be whipped up in about 20min. Have an off cut of a fat quarter you've had stashed away but never found any use for? Or how about another excuse to add to your repertoire when questioned 'you're buying more fabric?', well yes darling little Sarah needs at least 10 new skirts for her dolly.

These are the skirts I've whipped up for my girls dolls, they even chose their own fabric. Amber and Violet  are kindly modelling them for me.

For this skirt  I used the Light Pink Bo Peep & Miss Muffet from the Nursery Rhymes Collection by Vita Mechachonis which was a medium pattern print. By the way this Violet doll is another version I made to possibly replace the original Violet doll? What do you guys think, change to this one or keep the old verison?
NB Just as a side not if I ever update any of my patterns I will always make the newer version available free to those who have purchased the original prior to the update.

For this white skirt modelled by Amber I used Princess Kingdom Natural by Alexander Hendry which was a large pattern print-(probably a little too large for this pattern but would look so sweet as a child's skirt.

These skirts are perfect for dressing up your little dolls as well a fun way to provide some manual dexterity for little fingers. Be warned your little girls will want you to make as many of these as possible and they will change them often, and they will still fight with their sister over which skirt belongs to whose doll (or maybe that's just my girls?)

So you want to make one right? Click below to access the free pattern (PDF file)

I hope you enjoy making these little skirts and as always I want lots of photos sent in the me or the Facebook page please I want to see all those lovely fabrics.

Oh and before I forget, this freebie is one for the girls but I'll be releasing a boy themed freebie within the next week so remember to look out for any updates on the boys freebie.

Happy sewing everyone
Raynor x

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