Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Elephant Sewing Pattern

Here comes a baby elephant, to tickle you with his trumping trunk.


All floppy eared and wiggly trunked, this little guy loves to be cuddled, and why not he's a real sweetie pie. Although he may be loud, he's a real cool character and he never forgets a friendly face.

You can buy the elephant sewing pattern in my

Now we all know elephants love to be around their family so you can just sew up one of these guys, you have to make a whole herd! I'm seeing them now in all those lovely fabrics that I know you have in your stash.
If you love him feel free to share him on Facebook, Twitter or Pintrest and lets get a whole little bunch of ELF elephants from around the world.

As I mentioned last time on the bloggy blog, I now have a range of clothes and dress up pattern currently in design for the dolls, how exciting.  I will keep you all updated when I'm releasing anything, so subscribe to our feeds for any updates - you can find the links over thata way --->.