Friday, 25 January 2013

Monkey Sewing Pattern

Hey you cheeky monkey!

This little guy has been causing no ends of tail swinging banana eating havoc in the Elf Pop household. He's been teaching the ELF to be cheeky little chimperoos! That super cute look gets him out of lots of trouble.

You can find the monkey sewing pattern in my

How about buying this little guy along with one of my other designs as part of our new fangled pattern deals? The pattern deals mean that the more you buy the more you save which is always a bonus and there have been a few of you snapping them up already so i'm wanting to see those finished dolls.

With regards to pattern plans I working on one more animal pattern and then I'm going to add some little dress up clothes to the collection, but it's all still super secret and under wraps at the moment so if you want a sneaky peek then your going to have to join me over on the facebook fan page or on twitter.

Mucho love Raynor x

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