Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Birthday Girl Doll with FREE Gift Pattern

Hello Friends,


This is my latest design for a Birthday Girl Doll. You may see she is a little different from the other girl as she has a 'built in' skirt, however you can still use the simple skirt to go over the top if your little lady wants to change up her outfit. Her hat and sash are removable, so she can turn into a regular doll once the big day is over.

This doll would be perfect for a daughter, grandchild or niece's birthday. Or how about making one for your daughters  friends when their birthday comes around. I bet they would love to have their own little mini-me dolls who could be best friends too!

You can buy the Birthday Girl Doll sewing pattern in my

And don't forget she has to have her own little birthday gift to open. So I've created the birthday gift as a free pattern so you can use it as an accessory for all of the ELF POP patterns. Just click below for the free pattern.


I know my pattern releases have been a bit sporadic of late, thank you all for being so patient with me. I do have a few designs I'd love to get made. I'm in my last ever semester of Uni before I go on placement all summer and then qualify in September (ekk scariness). Unfortunately this seems to be eating up all of my sewing time. My next release will be a birthday boy design, but I'm not too sure how soon I'll have him out, I don't want to make promises.However I promise I'll add any updates to the Facebook page when I him ready to go. So if you haven't already joined us over there then Please do like us. I love getting your feedback and seeing photos of all your finished dolls.

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