Monday, 11 November 2013

Olive & Pea Knitted Doll Pattern

Back in 2008 I started out designing toy patterns with my knitted animal pattern shop Jelly Bums. Once I got the sewing bug and started designing the Elf Pop dolls I realised that I'd love to mix my sewing desings with my knitting skills. So for the last few months I've been slowly working away on this pattern and finally finished her over the last few weeks.So here is the knitted version of the Elf Pop Olive & Pea dolls.

Seeing double?
I tried to recreate the sewn version on Olive as much as possible including sizing, so that Elf Pop clothes sewing patterns can be used on the knit dolls too.

Creating a doll was something I've always wanted to do with my knitting but I found the hair can be a bit of a challenge as I don't like the idea of given a doll with yarn hair to a young child. So my main aim was to create everything so it was well and truly stitched in and sewn down so that the doll is suitable for little ones from birth.

You can buy the Olive and Pea doll knitting pattern in my WebshopEtsy Shop (instant download).
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For the time being I'll be selling the knitting patterns from my Elf Pop ETSY shop, however I may open up a new shop in the future if it gets to hectic. I'll still use the same website, blog and facebook pages to update on both the sewing and knitting patterns.
Over the next while I'll be working away on converting all of the girl dolls to a knitted version so keep an eye out for any updates.
Happy knitting (and sewing!)